Beautiful Disaster: A Novel

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire When I started reading this book I never expected to love it as much I do! Jamie McGuire brought me on an emotional roller coaster I haven't been on since I read thoughtless. There is just something about this book that pulled me in from the first page and has me up until 5am reading it. While I loved this book, I can't express just how truly happy I am to be done with it! The first thirty pages of this book, I was already in love! It made me laugh and I loved Abby and Travis but by page 84 I was ready to kill the both of them! I found myself staring at the ceiling asking Why, why had I decided to read this book! They made me want to kill them but they also made me want to cry! Finished this book in a day but I probably would have finished it in a couple of hours if I didn't have to constantly stop to collect my emotions. Travis and Abby are so smart in school but do incredibly stupid when it comes to matters of the heart! When they were together they were so perfect and amazing an cute it was practically sickening! But when they're apart it's like world war three! I just wanted Abby to shut the fuck up and trust that Travis wasn't going to break her heart and leave her, I wanted her to chase after him when he walked away, I wanted her to swallow her pride at thanksgiving, but she couldn't and didn't. I wanted Travis to stop trying to forget about her, I wanted him to force to listen, I wanted him to stop being a dickhead, and fortunately he is smarter than Abby and did just that! It was hard reading this book because I wasn't expecting it to be so emotional like it was but never the less I was so amazing and perfect that I don't regret all the anxiety and anger that came with it. While it might sound that at some parts I hated this book, I actually loved every moment of it and am so glad that I read. Jamie McGuire is an outstanding author and I can't wait for the second!