Wars in Toyland

Wars in Toyland - Joe Harris, Adam Pollina, Brent McCarthy, Nolan Woodard I received this book for review from NetGalley I absolutely give up on this book! The plot of the story sounds so amazing and interesting, but did little to keep my attention. It is a very short book about 100 pages and there are more picture than there are words, probably three sentences per page. So i should have flown through this book, but i just could not get into it, and reading this book felt more like a chore, so i gave up! i feel i would have liked this book so much more if i was in middle school or elementary, i probably would have been able to relate more to the characters if i where younger! Overall i would recommend this book for fans of graphic novels because the illustrations where phenomenal and i would also recommend this book to kids 10 to 14