There You'll Find Me

There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones this is hands down my favorite book this year!i loved this book because everything was so simple but yet so hard hitting. from having to see all the pain that finely has gone through with the death of her brother from dealing the pressure of hurting her parents to the having self esteem problems, dealing with catty girls and trying to be an amazing friend while trying to convince everyone around you that you are fine and that everything will be okay. this book also talks about how to trust god in every aspect of your life even if you don't feel him or don't think he cares. reading this book opened my eyes in a way no other book could ever, i am in no way saying that after reading this book that i am now a christian, it just helped build onto the faith that i already had and showed me that it is good to let things go which is something that i need to remind myself of. All in all this book was simply amazing. i fell in love with the characters and the country. it had me laughing, squealing like a fan girl, and had me thinking about it hours after finishing it.