The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead God after finishing bloodlines all i could think was "how the eff could it get any better?" then i read golden lily and i fell in love with this book! OH MY GOD. i needed some time before i could review this book my emotions where everywhere and i could not take it, but this book never left my mind i could be reading a different book but a little piece of my mind is still thinking about of these wonderful characters or desperately and obsessively thinking about indigo spell. I loved every single minute of this book, i laughed, i fan girled, i screamed, and at the end i cried because my heart was ripped out and stepped on! but even after all that i pain i still love Sydney, which is surprising for me because it is very rare that i will love the female protagonist. Sydney always made me laugh with her awkwardness and how naive she was. i loved the way she was starting to get close to Angeline, Eddie and Jill it made me happy and her worried. i loved the new character dynamics that were introduced it totally surprised me, and left me staring at the page gaping like a fish. i really really liked the development of Sydney's magic i thought it was so cool, and it really helped her in the end. But the main reason why i fell in love with this book was because i fell in love with Adrian Ivashkov! and boy was i left with tears in my eyes because of the end! God her was sooooooo perfect in this book that i probably said "aww" like a million times or "god, sydney is so dumb" there were many times throughout this book that i just wanted to hug Adrian he broke my heart so many times especially after the dance, i thought i was going to die!! Anyhoo, this book is the best mother effing book i have probably read this year! (i say that alot!) a wonderful installment to the series, Can't wait untill the next!