Bout of Books Challenge #2: New Year’s Resolution

I made this list like a couple of days ago so its not technically for the challenge but oh well! So here are my 2015 Reading Resolutions!


1. Read 95 books

I read 72 last year so hopefully this won't be to hard to accomplish!

2. Continue to read books out of my comfort zone

Last year, I made it my mission to read books out of my comfort zone to try other books that wasn't just young adult books, and I did pretty well so this year I just want to expand on what I started in 2014!

3. Read at least 2 classics

For my English class last semester I read a couple of classics that I actually enjoyed, one I even consider to be one of my all time favorite now, so I want to read so more. 

4. Read less YA, and gives other genres a chance

This one is pretty much exactly like #2

5. FINISH A Game of Thrones

I started it at the end of 2013 made it about 25% in then put it down, it was great so I have no idea why I haven't finished it

6. Target large Ebook TBR

My Ebook TBR is so large, its a shame!! 

7. Do as many challenges as possible on the 2015 challenge

I found a list of 50 book challenges to do this year (I'll post it later) the goal is to do as many as possible & it will help me read so books out of my comfort zone. Hopefully.

8. Participate in bout of books and actually read!

LoL, When I fist tried to do Bout of Books last summer, I read fanfic! I think I read only two books on my TBR, I was a little disappointed in myself because I really wanted to participate and actually read the books, but fanfic is addicting so I wasn't that disappointed!