Abandon - Meg Cabot I love Meg Cabot! Again she has written a book that I loved, I just love her writing and the characters she brings to life. I loved how she took the Persephone myth and made it completely her own. There has one thing that Meg Cabot has never disappointed I love her main characters, and Pierce is no different I love her strong will no matter what that’s hard to find these days, I loved even though it was incredibly stupid what she did for Hannah I loved that even though she was going through shit and Hannah called her crazy the fact that she was willing to put herself in danger just to prove to everyone that Hannah was the victim made me love her, and I love how she always fought to get to her family and how everyone else’s needs came before hers that was amazing ! I also love the chemistry between her and john; it honestly put the biggest smile on my face when she first met John. But when she met him why she died and I know why she did it and I also respect it because I would probably most likely would do the same but I felt so damn bad for John, Now when it comes down to Mr. John Hayden I love him I thought he was really sweet and just does not know how to show it, I thought quite funny in the way he acted with Pierce I loved them together! Any who this book was amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!