Get Ready for War (Hollywood High)

Get Ready for War (Hollywood High) - 'Ni-Ni Simone',  'Amir Abrams' I got this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalleyI think this might actually be the worst book i ever read. Its like Ni-Ni Simone took every stereotypical black reference ever made and put it into a book. I only read the first couple of chapters before i gave up because i knew it wasn't going to get any better. As a young African American Woman i do not walk around saying "clutching Pearls" nor do i have a nickname such as "Wu-Wu" i most definitely would not want my friends to make "free Wu-Wu" T-shirts if i went to rehab for overdosing on my grandmama's skittles aka her heart disease medicine. And girls just a heads up if you leave him more than seven messages the only thing he could ever possibly say is "why you sweatin me?" This little gem was comical in how bad it was, i wonder if the author understands she could possibly offend her audience with the way she portrays African American girls. Now i didn't like this book, Hell i couldn't even finish it, but if you like real housewives of Atlanta and Degrassi then you should pick this up. But if you are like me who can't stand either i recommend you run far far away from this book if you ever see it.