Jane - April Lindner everything about the book was spectacular ! the writing the charcaters the story. i finished this book feeling captivated. Jane Moore is the strong female character i have been waiting for my whole life ! April Linder made me feel as if i watching a movie enfold before my eyes Jane was such an amazing charcater because she was so relistic she actually thought eveything out before she jumped into any situation she was stubborn and said what she wanted she worried alot but mostly for other people even when her life was unraveling she was thinking about all the other people around her. Now let me talk about Nico Rathburn the rockstar father with a past riddled with alcohol, women, and drugs i loved him ! he was brutally honest a little short tempered and maybe had a little bit of a self esteem problem but either way he was a strong charcter that constantly brought a smile to my face while reading this book. so bascially this is a wonderful book that will leave you satisfied and captivated to the end.