Abandon #2: Underworld

Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot WOW!!This book is better than I could have expected. It was one of those pull you in from the first page, can't put down, up till 3 in the morning kind of books! I loved every single page. I love pierce she is so strong and independent ready to do anything for the people she loves no matter the costs and that is something to admire. While ready this book I couldn't help but to laugh at some of the things she would say or do it made me love her about a million times more. Also I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with John Hayden, god he was perfect. You could just tell how much he loved her and all the things he went through to keep her with him, it was all just so sweet and adorable. But the person I loved most was mr. Smith he even though afraid of what John might do, still told him what was on his mind it took tremendous strength to stand up to John And tell the ruler of the underworld that he was wrong very admirable. Alex... Ugh I disliked so much I thought he was rude and ignorant and just pain unpleasant, but all the shot that Pierce went through to talk to him and he still ignored her that pissed me off to no end, and then he had to pay the ultimate price that got everybody else dragged in that could be tremendously bad. Long story short amazing as always Mrs. Cabot has yet to disappoint me. Oh yeah, Ioooooove Hope, she's the best(: