Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)

Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens Thoughtless left me mesmerized! this book was so good and captivating. For me it was an emotional roller coaster i have never read a book that pulled so much emotion out of me. i laughed i cried(several times -.-) i was angry i was happy i felt liked i should go to therapy. I started this book not expecting much out of it other then a quick read until i realized it was really long but it was captivating enough that i was finished with it in no time. I loved the characters i found myself loving Kellan just as much a Kiera and crying for Denny when he founds out he has been betrayed. At first i thought the relationship between Denny and Kiera a little bit boring but honestly very cute, sweet and innocent.But when he left kiera behind i was probably just as frustrated as kiera when he left her all alone in a new city with their every attractive roommate. But as the friendship between kellan and Kiera continued to grow and crossed into something just wasn't as innocent i loved it ! after the night that would forever change her and Kellen's relationship and her relationship with Denny. i found myself wanting to scream at both kellan and kiera, i wanted to yell at kellan for being the epitome of a man whore and kiera for being so naive that she didn't realize what i was right in front of her the whole entire time and hurting not only Denny but kellan in the process. But one thing that made this book stand out so much in my mind was that Stephens made the situation so realistic and heartbreaking that it left me either crying out extremely happy or want to hit someone! the writing was amazing descriptive that it felt more like i was watching a movie then reading a book. which leaves me wondering well the hell was this book free! this book was so good the people should be paying for it! My favorite book this whole entire year !