Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly Now to be completely honest i went into this book thinking that i would most definitely not like this book because first of all im not really a history person and it sounded pretty boring honestly! but what a surprise this book was from beginning to end and i loved every minute of it i thought that i was really cool to read from Alex's diary i thought it was so interesting that i found myself thinking about as a totally different book all together, i thought Alex was at first just a girl trying to survive in the horrible state that Paris was at during the time of the revolution, then i found myself thinking that she was a little mean for using Louis Charles as a way to be in the queen's favor but when she started to love him and wanted to protect him i found myself completely sad for her when he was taken away, what overall made me love her the most was when she refused to leave Paris, refused to leave Louis Charles. I got so wrapped up in the writing of this book that it actually brought tears to my eyes and believe me that's something that very hard to do! But when it comes to Andi loved just as much as Alex i loved her i felt so much empathy for her and her situation i felt myself feeling sad for her and i felt how much she blamed herself for what happened to Truman and how much she wanted to fix her mom i felt so much for her that it hurt to see her try to kill herself. i felt so much her that it was almost overwhelming but i loved Virgil and i hoped he would be the reason to save her and he was and he wasn't the only one and i loved that more than anything else in the world what really saved her in the end was Alex and much and Amade. i thought this book was simply amazing the writing was so good and descriptive and engaging the characters were realistic and honest i loved the alternating perspectives and everything this book brought out i loved the lyrics that were written. and i also loved all of the things that i ended up learning in this book, if only school were as entertaining!