50 Shades of Gay

50 Shades of Gay - Jeffery Self DON'T JUDGE BY IT"S COVER...OR TITLE!Do you have that friend that reads just as much if not more than you? The one who recommends you a book and then proceeds to ask you ever time you see each other if you have read said book? Well i have that friend and she recommended this book to me. First off let me just say i have never read 50 shades of grey, nor do i intend to, second i have never read an erotica, and third don't judge this book by its cover! When my lovely friend told me to read this book i laughed in her face and then proceeded to laugh like a psychotic person when i saw the cover, definitely didn't look like something i would ever read in any lifetime. After being asked if i read it over and over and OVER again i finally picked it up, and after the first sentence i was dying of laughter. Don't let the cover & title fool you! This book is ridiculously funny, lighthearted and sweet. Did i mention it was FUNNY and when i say funny i mean HILARIOUS! yes there where some naughty scenes in this book but the author wrote those scenes that when reading them you would end up laughing, literally the main character always had something to say and literally 95% of the time it was something funny! Now when it comes to the writing this book is obviously not going to be getting any awards anytime soon, because the writing was very simplistic and casual and the story line very predictable, But even the title & cover might be a little off putting it is NOT AN EROTICA!! I can't say that enough yes there where sex scenes (only two!) but nothing to graphic. if it weren't for the fact that this book was so funny i would have rated it lower, but i loved the characters, i loved that i laughed through it, and that it ended on such a cute note. Overall i liked this book it wasn't absolutely amazing and i don't see myself reading it again or even remembering the characters but it was entertaining and i recommend it to all! Unless you don't like gay people then i suggest you don't you read this