The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle)

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater this book was definitely a pleasant surprise. Maggie Stiefvater takes readers to the small town of Henrietta where we meet a boy from a place meant for leaving, a boy that no one really knows, and boy with no family, a boy searching for a king, and a girl that makes things loud. when i started this book i was skeptical, i didn't think i would like it when i started it. it didn't immediately grab my attention and soon i found myself moving on to other books and leaving this one to collect dust on my nightstand. but eventually i decided to give it another try and i am extremely glad that i did. everything about this book was perfect, from the writing to the characters and the lore behind it all. i found myself falling in love with the raven boys and blue. but i love Noah more than anyone, and when we find out more about him i just sat there staring at the page like how the heck did i miss that! i felt just like the characters when they found out, desperately trying to find out how they missed it also. i loved everything about Adam i thought he was perfect and i understood him better than any other character i understood why he made the choices he did and why he fought Gansey tooth nail, why after everything that happened he still missed his family. i loved Blue because she in my opinion was the most entertaining character. You could never guess what she was going to do or say next and that's what i loved about her, the way she says whatever she wants, her style, and the way everything she does is loud. Gansey was something else i didn't expect, the inter-workings of his mind had me yearning for his point of view, i loved when we found out why he was looking for Glendower that felt like just a huge moment between him and Blue and i loved it. But there is one character that makes me yearn for book two, Ronan. Oh, Ronan! when it came to him it was like watching intervention, his relationship with his family is destined for the stage of Oprah. Ronan was by far one of the most interesting characters of this book and if he doesn't have a point of view in book two i will be absolutely pissed especially after the damn ending! in short this book is fantastic, one of my top ten, and recommended for all!