North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus

North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus - Candace Jane Kringle This book was better than Reindeer Poop! Lol this book was so cute i just couldn't put it down! i wasn't expecting this book to be so funny and sweet, i also wasn't expecting the crazy Kooky names, talking penguins, horny elves,gay polar bears,and magic reindeer crap, but hey it totally added to the craziness of the book which made it really hard to put down! This book started out a little bit annoying, the crazy names and cheerful attitude, i found myself wanting to give this to my seven year old cousin, because i felt like it would suit her age group much better. But it didn't take long until i was laughing my butt off and enjoying every single page! I thought Candy was a really cute sweet girl who was trying to have a regular teenage life but had an over-protective father. I loved the aspect of Santa being a father, but lord's a leaping was he annoying, i mean Candy is sixteen not six, just let it go. Now on the Rudy Tutti, and boy was he Hot chocolate!(excuse all the phrases I'm still living in the north pole) i thought Rudy was just what north pole high needed, the dark and gloomy rebel who hated Christmas, but had a thing for Santa's daughter. i loved him. he is hands down my favorite character in the whole book, i also felt he was the only person in the book with the most personality and backbone! this book is cute,funny, and the perfect Christmas read. Recommended for all!