Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally So this book as incredibly cute sweet funny and a little sad and I loved every minute of it! I finished this book in about seven hours it was so good that I could not even put it down and I have been in the mood where I just don't want to read much but this book totally brought me out of that mood! I think my favorite part about this book was Jordan I loved her and yeah she let other people control her she was strong willed and knew what she wanted even of they didn't want her I loved the development of he and her father that was good to see honestly and I loved the whole football thing even though I have absolutely no idea what the hell a interception is I enjoyed I love the fact it wasn't just overflowing with sport lingo and fancy plays I wouldn't even understand if it was a matter of life and death, know did I mention how much Loved Jordan I though she was amazing even if she could not see all the sign but what makes me adore even more is all the times she put herself put there even though she was scared shitless of what might happen and what comes with Jordan is Henry and I love me much too I thought he was incredibly sweet and cute I adore how he was there for Jordan and I felt so bad for him when he didn't take his chance when he had it but I could understand why. So anyway this book was really good ms. Miranda sure knows how to write a book it was nicely paced and interesting from the very first page