Out of Reach

Out of Reach - Carrie Arcos If i had to choose my absolute favorite book of 2012, it would be this one. Out of Reach was so perfect and amazing i couldn't help but to just marvel in its amazing-ness after i read the last page. i can't totally pinpoint what about this book that made me love it, maybe because i can kinda relate to the situation that Rachel is going through. maybe i love this book because of Micah, God i loved him. No, i didn't love the Micah that came to be i loved the Micah before. With every glimpse back i just loved him more and more. you could tell how much he loved his family and his life and it just broke my heart every time i learned more about the new Micah. Maybe because i loved Rachel, i understood her so much and i understood everything she did and why, what it must of felt to go through the pain of watching the person you love spiral out of control. Maybe i loved this book because of Tyler, whether he went there to find Micah or as a way to get closer to Rachel whatever the reason i knew that he loved Micah just as much as Rachel, that he cared about him way more than he ever let on. Maybe i loved this book because of the writing style, even though it was simple it was engaging and fast paced and made me want to read this book over and over again from start to finish, made me want to go back and read every passage of the old Micah to commit him to my memory where he would always be the boy who had dreams of going to LA and play music for anyone who would listen. To remember the boy who defended his sister against the asshole who did her wrong, to remember the boy who carried his sister on his back for over a mile because she was hurt even though he knew he wasn't strong enough. Maybe i love this book because to me the ending was perfect. Even though it wasn't the ending i so hoped for, it was the ending that had to be. When you love someone who is an addict there is never a happy ending. Yes they may come home when they are ready, and they might change but the person you loved before will never come home, their gone. you have to spend time trying to fit this new person into your life, even though you know that they are the same They really aren't. I don't know why i love this book, i just do. It is the most perfect and honest book that i have ever read in my life. While people always tend to look at addiction from the viewpoint of the addict, it was refreshing to look at from the perspective of people the addiction also affects, the family. My favorite quote in this was book was: "Nah, you would have found a way. if you had the chance, you would have saved me" Rachel did have the chance and she did try to save him but she couldn't not yet but when his is ready he will find his way home.