Collateral: A Novel

Collateral - Ellen Hopkins Ellen Hopkins and i have some problems! i love her and i think her books are just spectacular but i have some serious problems finishing her books. i men i have picked up just about everyone of her books and i have only finished two, TWO! i have always come close to finishing them only to loose interest. With this book the male main character was practically asking me to dive into the book and castrate him! OMG i hate Cole so much, and it made me kind of dislike Ashley because she loves and forgives him. i know for a fact i am not the only person who will dislike Cole. i started this book not expecting how it would turn out, i thought is was going to be a girl who falls in love with someone else while her boyfriend was at war. And its kinda like that be it is also so much more! I am not a big fan of war,i personally want every soldier to come home and be with their families, and the way the soldiers are illustrated in this story kind of makes you think, and wonder about the things that is happening at war. While this book doesn't make the soldiers out to be monsters, but it shows some of the things people do once they have seen things that they just want to forget. i loved Ashley and thought she was a very good and interesting protagonist, but sweet lord almighty this girl is dumb! i know she wants everything to work out because she invested so much time into this relationship but you can't fit a circle into a square no matter how hard you try. After awhile it did;t take me long to agree with her friends and family i desperately wanted her to just open her eyes!! Even though i didn't finish this book i came very close and i know that this book is engaging and makes you want to read it, and the reasons i couldn't finish this is because one i am a democrat, two I'm an animal lover, three i am a defender of female rights (you will understand when you read!)