Divergent  - Veronica Roth Amazing ! To be completely honest I was ver skeptical about this book and had to really think if I wanted to read it but I am so glad I did because it is honestly one of my favorite books of the year. Is it even possible for someone to dislike Tris because I just fucking love her ( pardon my french) I thought she was amazing I loved how strong she was and how when she was being selfless she was at her strongest I loved that just the thought that she left abnegation because she thought she wasn't selfless amazes me because she is , she just isn't as selfless as abnegation would want her to be and that's okay because she is Dauntless. Now I just love Tobias I thought he was the perfect match do my girl tris I loved how he seemed so tough and fearless but deep down he is not fearless at all and he is vulnerable I loved seeing that side of home I thought it was sweet and pure and made me love him oh so much. I loved the world that Roth has put together I found myself drifting off into the world of dauntless but also imagining what life would be like in other factions I personallly could see myself in either amity or dauntless. I loved this book and think everyone should read it!