The Unwritten Rule

The Unwritten Rule - Elizabeth Scott This was the first book that I read by Elizabeth Scott and I can say I was honestly not disappointed I reallly enjoyed this book I read it in about five hours and I loved every minute they only reason this book got a four was because I just couldn't stand Brianna I wanted to jump through the pages and just punch her in the face! I hated her. I hated how she always put Sarah down just to cover up that she was just an insecure little bitch! I love Sarah though other people might read this book and think that Sarah as in the wrong for going after Ryan or not telling Brianna that she liked him but I thought she did what was right for her I felt that she was living behind Brianna because she felt she needed her and maybe she did need her but I felt that she did exactly what was right for her no matter the pain that came with it. Did I also mention how much I truly hated Brianna I felt bad for how her parents treated her but as they say karma is a bitch and so was Brianna!