Wildcat Fireflies: A Meridian Novel

Wildcat Fireflies - Amber Kizer Amber Kizer has done it again! She has once again written a book that has captivated me. Wildcat Fireflies was so entertaining I had so much fun reading this book I loved every single new character that kizer has brought in a loved Rumi I thought he was the best he was like a super nice super fun grandfather with a vocabulary that is ten times better then my own ! I also loved Juliet yes I thought that reading her sections was quite depressing and emotional but I loved her I loved how she took care of the kids and I loved how strong she is to take all that abuse for someone else without even thinking about it I loved it and thought she was fucking amazing. And I also really loved the progression on tens and meridian's relationship I thought it was so natural and sweet tentative just like in life and it was so real I loved it. But what I loved most was meridian I thought she was awesome I loved how strong she got an how independent she was don't get me wrong I love tens just as much as she does but I think it is important for her to try and do things on her own, I loved how real she was I found myself laughing every time I read her part she always had something to say and that is something I can always appreciate. But things also get very emotional in this book that had tears in my eyes that part about sammy and her family killed me ! But other wise this book was awesome and I loved every single page of it all 500+ pages of it!