Hemlock - Kathleen Peacock Hemlock captured me from the very first page, I quickly found myself immersed in the life of small town hemlock and the people that goes with it. I am a huge fan of werewolf books and this happens to be one of the best. Kathleen peacock's characters kept me captivated until the very last page, I quickly found myself loving Mac I thought her to be very strong and brave. After the life she had I don't blame her for any of her hang ups, I loved her because after everything she found out she didn't let it consume her and keep her from finding Amy's killer. I found her strong because if everytime I went to sleep I saw my best friend and she was twisted and sometimes cruel I would try my best to never sleep. Surprisingly, I loved Jason. Even though he was a dick sometimes and annoying I completely understood his reasonings, I found myself just wanting to jump into the pages and wrapping him in a big ol' hug, actually a wanted to do that to everyone especially Kyle! Oh kyle my poor baby! Kyle was my favorite character, I loved every side of him and thought that he was amazing, I can't even be mad at him. My favorite part if this book was that EVERYBODY knew about werewolves it wasn't a secret. I loved how Kathleen made the knowledge of werewolves so political it was enticing.In a nutshell this book was an incredible read that I recommend to everyone.