The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test)

The Goddess Hunt - Aimee Carter I have wanted to read this book from the moment i finished The Goddess Test but at the time i did not have an E-reader, so when i got a NOOK for Christmas it is was one of the many books i went looking for, and to my utter surprise, it was free! i gobbled this book up. With me not so patiently waiting for The Goddess Inheritance this was just the fix i needed to hold me over till next month. i loved this book, and i didn't love it because it had Kate, James, or even Henry, i loved this book because of Casey and Lux. Their relationship was so endearing it could move you to tears. I would have to say Lux was my absolute favorite because he comes across as a pit bull ready to attack but when he's around Casey he's just a little Yorkie, all bark no bite. i couldn't help but hope that those two would be together in the end, their relationship is just so funny because if you haven't read this book you would think i was talking about a couple, when in actuality they are brothers. Anyway i love the books in this series because i always end up learning something about the Greek mythology that didn't know, the story being Caster & Pollux is such an amazing story and Aimee spin on it just makes it heartbreaking. Now maybe it will be easier to wait for Goddess Inheritance Now, i doubt it