Exposed - Kimberly Marcus i felt that this book was okay, there was nothing the particularly set it apart from any other book about rape except that is was written in free verse. i felt like this book could have been so much better if it was longer and had different point of views, it could have been intense and angsty and really made you wonder if her really did it. i felt angered that mike just took it like it wasn't a big deal when it actually was there's no doubt about that. I felt that Kate was also acting like it wasn't as big of a deal as people where making it. i felt the only people in the whole book that actually felt real and honest was Liz and her mom, everybody else was taking everything in stride like the whole situation was just a little bump in the road. I finished this book thinking that Liz deserves a happy ending, and i want that for her. Through this whole situation she lost so much, her brother, her best friend, her family, and herself. And while we don't get a blatant happy ending its a start and it shows that eventually she will be okay.