2015 Reading Challenge Stress!

From December 2013 to May of 2014 I was in a reading slump. It was the worst reading slump of my life, I wanted to read but nothing I picked up kept my attention for long. I went weeks without picking up a book and it was stressing me the hell out, why? Because of my stupid Goodreads reading challenge.


Every time I logged into Goodreads that stupid thing in the corner would constantly remind me that I was woefully behind in my challenge, and I hated it but I just couldn't read. Then when I finally came out of my slump I was on a mad dash to catch up to be ahead of my challenge, if it was on Goodreads I would read it. Watching that progress bar go up helped me breathe easier. I got so caught up in that challenge that I forgot, that my whole world wasn't going to end because I didn't read the 72 books I challenged myself to. 


I know all that stress I put myself under last year was totally and completely due to my competitive nature, and it was also my competitive nature that forced me to up my challenge this year to 95. On the last day of 2014, the challenge of 95 books felt good, felt like a great challenge now on January 28, 2015 it feels like a curse.


I was four books behind, and I could feel the pressure starting to build, so I knocked my challenge down to 50 books. Last year no matter how I struggled, no matter the stress I refused to lessen my challenge, which was stupid. Reading should always be fun, and I’m having fun reading so far this year. I’ve only read two books so far and for once I’m okay with that, I’m enjoying picking up random books and reading a couple of pages from them, I’m enjoying reading fanfiction, I’m ENJOYING READING and there’s no pressure with that. If I read 50 books this year that would be great, if I read only 10 books this year that’s also great. So now that I’ve eliminated the pressure my reading this year should be awesome!